St. Vincent's Plan Revealed, NYU Long Term Plans, the Truth about Trump and more

St. Vincent’s/Rudin Development Plan Unveiled: On Wednesday, St. Vincent’s Hospital and developers the Rudin family unveiled their initial draft plans for a new hospital and several new luxury housing developments on the current St. Vincent’s Hospital site. The plan is to tear down all eight of their current hospital buildings east of 7th Avenue, and […]

Gansevoort Market Gets on the National Register

From the Villager (of course) New designations beef up Meat Market protections By Lincoln Anderson Last Wednesday, State Parks Commissioner Carol Ash approved the listing of the entire Meatpacking District on the State and National Registers of Historic Places. The district, known as the Gansevoort Market District, was nominated by the Greenwich Village Society for […]

Gansevoort Goes National!

MEATPACKING DISTRICT APPROVED FOR LISTING ON STATE & NATIONAL REGISTER OF HISTORIC PLACES Listing Offers Prestige, Grants and Tax Breaks for Preservation of Historic Buildings; Culminates 6-Year Campaign To Preserve Historic Neighborhood by Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation Manhattan – New York State Parks Commissioner Carol Ash today approved the listing of the entire […]