And down it goes….213 Pearl Street being demolished site provides an opportunity for readers to comment. November 7, 2007, 4:53 pm1830s Warehouse in Lower Manhattan Is DemolishedBy David W. Dunlap History is disappearing by the inch today on Pearl Street.A five-story, 176-year-old warehouse between John and Platt Streets that survived the great fire of 1835 — and every other calamity to befall […]

Pearl Street Updates: What Will Be Left?

From The Committee for the Preservation of Historic Pearl [email protected]:// Update – 11/05/07213 Pearl StreetDemolition is expected to begin on Tues. Nov. 6th at 213 Pearl Street, though a detail in the permitting process for the project may postpone the work. It does not appear that owner, The Lam Group will plan to rebuild the […]

213 Pearl Street; Still Coming Down?,0,5612832.story amNY.comHistorians fight to save city buildingThe Associated Press November 5, 2007 NEW YORK (AP) — Historians are trying to save a Manhattan building that is “a rare surviving relic” of New York’s 19th-century world trade center that is to be demolished to make way for a new hotel. The Greek Revival warehouse is in […]

More Demolition on Pearl Street

From Alan Solomon, [email protected]:// NEW YORK’S HISTORIC TRADE CENTER TARGETED FOR DEMOLITION 213 Pearl Street in lower Manhattan, an 1831 Greek revival warehouse, is targeted for demolition. According to historians, it is the last structure from New York’s first world trade district. The five-story brick and granite building had survived alongside two additional warehouses of […]

Save the Augustus Hicks Lawrence House (aka the Pussycat Lounge)

Fussy Pussycat to Hungry Hotelier: Hands Off Old New York! Me-OW!Robert Kremer vows ‘whatever it takes’ to keep hotel man Sam Chang from scrubbing Greenwich Street clean—far-fetched or fearless?by Chris Shott Published: July 31, 2007This article was published in the August 6, 2007, edition of The New York Observer. “This is the only little piece […]

Stone Street Historic District Draws Business and Visitors

From the Downtown Express Downtown revelers roll over to StoneBy Jennifer Milne In the evening, people slowly begin to trickle through the cobblestone street from both ends of Stone St. and from the perpendicular Mill Lane. Those in the 19th century historic district don’t seem to notice the buildings towering over them — they’re too […]

Bogardus Building Landmarked; one of only 5 remaining Bogardus designed Structures in US

From the LPC, The Landmarks Preservation Commission today unanimously designated 63 Nassau Street as a New York City landmark, citing the building’s rare façade attributed to James Bogardus, a 19th centuryAmerican inventor and former watchmaker who pioneered the use of cast iron to imitate masonry and historic buildings. Eminent historic preservationist, author and former […]

Cenntennial Celebration of the U.S. Custom House

Osram Sylvania & the U.S. General Services Administration Cordially invite you to the ALEXANDER HAMILTON U.S. CUSTOM HOUSECENTENNIAL CELEBRATION & LIGHTING CEREMONY Tuesday, May 8, 20076:30p – 8:00pAlexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House1 Bowling GreenBattery ParkManhattanRSVP to [email protected]

Campaign to Preserve Little Syria

From the Downtown ExpressTour guide looks to save remnants of ‘Little Syria’ By Skye H. McFarlane Wedged in between the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel and the World Trade Center site, filled with a hodgepodge of rambling old buildings and high-rise parking garages, the area now known as “Greenwich St. south” can often feel like a lost […]

Only HDC objects to the destruction of a landmark building

From the Downtown Express Volume 19 Issue 50 April 27 – May 3, 2007 Out of sight, out of landmark protection — Skye H. McFarlane and Brooke Edwards In a move reminiscent of radical plastic surgery, the backside bulk of 25 Broad St. will soon be sitting on the shiny new top of 45 Broad […]