211 Pearl Street Mystery Symbol on Television Tonight

Tonight, Friday Ch. 4 News – CNBC’s Vivian Lee will cover the symbolic brickwork at 211 Pearl Street. The segment, which is scheduled to follow the show “Medium”, will cover the removal work, speculative ideas about the mysterious symbols origins and meaning, and interviews with preservationists and scholars in the U.S. and Europe. Mortar Tests […]

Part of Downtown Landmark Proposed to be demolished

From the Tribeca Trib Owner Asks to Demolish Part of Landmark By Carl GlassmanPOSTED MARCH 30, 2007 Among its many Downtown holdings, Swig Equities owns a city protected landmark, the massive 25 Broad Street. It’s “a magnificent property,” Kent Swig, the company’s president, says of the 105 year-old former office building. Most of it, that […]

2 Federal Row Houses Up for Landmark Consideration

LANDMARKING OF TWO 1820 FEDERAL HOUSES ADVANCESTwo 1820 federal-era houses proposed for landmark designation by GVSHP and the NY Landmarks Conservancy (NYLC) at 486 and 488 Greenwich Street (btw. Spring and Canal) will be heard by the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission on Tuesday, April 10th, at 3 pm. These two houses are among thirteen federal-era […]

National Parks Service Hosts a Listening Session at Federal Hall

From the New York Sun Scores of New Yorkers Turn Out To Give Ideas on National ParksBy GARY SHAPIRO At a special listening session hosted by the National Park Service, about 175 New Yorkers came to the site where George Washington was first inaugurated, Federal Hall, to offer ideas on how America’s national parks should […]

Save the Survivor's Staircase

Take Action today to Save the Survivors’ Staircase! After months of hard work and consultation we have a window of opportunity to move forward with efforts to save the Survivors’ Staircase — the only remaining above-ground element of the World Trade Center AND move forward with the redevelopment plans for Lower Manhattan. New York Governor […]

MTA continues to demolish buildings even though transit center design changes

Existing: Proposed: From the Tribeca Trib: MTA Changes Transit Center Designs By Etta SandersPOSTED MARCH 2, 2007 In coming months every building on the east side of Broadway between Fulton and John Streets will come down and only the slender Corbin building on the corner will remain. The block-long demolition will clear the way for […]

Mysterious Symbol Removed from 211 Pearl Street

Demolition and preservation worked side by side at 211 Pearl Street in lower Manhattan On March 1st, as the buildings mysterious brickwork symbol was lifted in one piece.Mortar samples from the interior were taken for scientific analysis and may be a clue to its origins. Information and images at: http://www.historicpearlstreet.org/

Mysterious symbol at 211 Pearl Street Being Removed Right Now

OMC Construction, represented by Danny O’Connell and Brian Kane, will attempt to remove the mysterious brickwork artifact at 211 Pearl Street “in one piece”. A number of contractors inspected the wall, suggesting that the 3’2” x 10’6” artifact is best dismantled brick-by-brick, or offering to extract it whole for a large sum – and no […]

Fight to preserve 18th Century Houses on Greenwich Street continues

From the Downtown Express Preservationists fight to save 3 rowhouses on GreenwichBy Skye H. McFarlane The original residents of 96 Greenwich St. could never have imagined this: More than two centuries after its construction, their modest brick home is caught at the center of a battle between a hotelier, a gentleman’s club and a host […]

In-depth Article on the City Hall Park Archaeological Excavation

This is a very good, in-depth (sorry!) article on the City Hall Park Excavation. And no, I’m not biased just because my father co-wrote it. The City Hall Park ProjectFebruary 12, 2007by H. Arthur Bankoff and Alyssa Loorya The eighteenth century was crucial to the development of New York. At its beginning, New York was […]