Mysterious symbol at 211 Pearl Street Being Removed Right Now

OMC Construction, represented by Danny O’Connell and Brian Kane, will attempt to remove the mysterious brickwork artifact at 211 Pearl Street “in one piece”. A number of contractors inspected the wall, suggesting that the 3’2” x 10’6” artifact is best dismantled brick-by-brick, or offering to extract it whole for a large sum – and no guarantees.
With demolition permits seeming imminent and a silicone mold of the work cancelled due to freezing temperatures, O’Connell and Kane submitted a detailed and ingenious proposal – at less than half the previous bid, and with confidence (but also no guarantee) that the two-hundred-and-two-and-a-half antique bricks and mortar would remain as one.
Realty giant Rockrose Development, the owners of the property, have agreed with Council Member Alan J. Gerson and his Land Planning Director Sayar Lonial, and Community Board 1 Landmark Committee Chairman Roger Byrom, to fund the in-tact removal option, though preservationists abandoned plans for its reinstallation at the site in the negotiations. Rockrose will be incorporating the 1832 façade (floors 2-5) of 211 Pearl Street into a new Liberty Bond funded development that will help maintain an historical context to the area while bringing great transformations to the area.

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