211 Pearl Street Mystery Symbol on Television Tonight

Tonight, Friday Ch. 4 News – CNBC’s Vivian Lee will cover the symbolic brickwork at 211 Pearl Street. The segment, which is scheduled to follow the show “Medium”, will cover the removal work, speculative ideas about the mysterious symbols origins and meaning, and interviews with preservationists and scholars in the U.S. and Europe.

Mortar Tests – Results from analysis of mortar samples are expected this week from the scientific lab at the Met. The tests are a key to the brickwork’s installation date, which should determine which theories to dismiss or further research. The mortar tests would only be unreliable if the brickwork was dismantled and reconstructed at some point in the last 175 years, possibly to install utility pipes/wires.

213-215 Pearl Street – 213 Pearl Street remains mostly vacant, with two residential tenants living on the upper floors. A vacant lot on one side and excavation work on the other surround the five story early 19th c. Greek revival building that is attached to the facade of 211 Pearl Street. The facade of 215 Pearl Street will be rebuilt and incorporated into a new hotel on the northeast corner of the block.

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