Community Board Meeting on N-YHS

From Landmark West! Please do everything in your power to attend Community Board 7’s public meeting on Tuesday, March 6, 2007, between 7:00 and 8:00 PM at the American Bible Society (1865 Broadway at 61st Street). The full, 50-member Board will vote on the Parks & Preservation Committee’s February 8 almost unanimous resolution against the […]

An Open Letter to the New-York Historical Society

From Landmark West! Like many others who care about the future of the “Triple Landmark” New-York Historical Society (N-YHS), LANDMARK WEST! received your letter emailed two days ago disputing the nearly unanimous vote against your project taken by Community Board 7’s Parks & Preservation Committee on February 8, 2007. Preserve History, Don’t Distort Reality: The […]

What Bill Moyers Said to Barbara Deb

A Landmark 76 Exclusive: History in the Making.Statement, in part, by Bill Moyers to Louise Mirrer and Barbara Debs.8:55PM: Wednesday 1/31/07: at the 4th U meeting.___________________________________________ “Question? I would like to ask Miss Debs (Barbara Knowles Debs, former NYHS president holding the stage mic) a question” “My name is Bill Moyers.” (The room drew applause […]

Just Say "No" to the New-York Historical Society's Trojan Horse

THE NEW-YORK HISTORICAL SOCIETY’S TROJAN HORSE: JUST SAY “NO!” Recently, we reported on the New-York Historical Society’s weak attempt to hide the 280-foot elephant in the room at a so-called “Town Hall” meeting held on January 31. Despite an earlier email dispatch from the Historical Society claiming “that proceeds from the residential portion of our […]