Community Board Meeting on N-YHS

From Landmark West!

Please do everything in your power to attend Community Board 7’s public meeting on Tuesday, March 6, 2007, between 7:00 and 8:00 PM at the American Bible Society (1865 Broadway at 61st Street). The full, 50-member Board will vote on the Parks & Preservation Committee’s February 8 almost unanimous resolution against the New-York Historical Society’s extensive renovation plans for its “Triple Landmark” site. The Board anticipates taking up this item at some point prior to 8:00 PM on the 6th. Your presence is a “must” to underscore community support for the Committee’s strong position addressing both the facade alterations (Phase 1) and the 280-foot tower planned for the Landmark site (Phase 2).

To all those 400+ neighbors who attended previous meetings on this issue, please know that your attendance made a huge difference. It really helps! Thank you.

Please also make sure your name is among the hundreds who have already signed on to “Save Our Skyline (SOS)”. If you care about the future of Central Park West’s skyline and preventing Landmarks from being exploited as “development opportunities,” you need to join this list (both individuals and organizations are encouraged to sign on)! Email [email protected] today (more information is available on

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