City of Merchants: Fundraiser for the establishment of a market downtown, May 22

N E W   A M S T E R D A M   M A R K E T

C I T Y   O F  M E R C H A N T S

S A T U R D A Y   M A Y   2 2,   2 0 1 0


$25 Friends of the Market
$35 General Admission
$50 includes a one year “Friends of the Market” membership
$100 Event Patrons

advance purchase required: buy tickets now

If you would like to sponsor this event, please write us.

City of Merchants is inspired by a vision increasingly and widely shared: that wholesome foods and useful things can be grown, manufactured, sold, & traded by independent, local businesses who build community.

By purchasing a ticket to this fundraiser, or bidding on our auction (coming next week) you will support New Amsterdam Market and our mission:  to help create a new society of merchants; and to preserve and reinvent New York’s public market legacy.

City of Merchants takes place on Saturday, May 22 at the New York Marble Cemetery, a hidden garden of the 19th century.  This inaugural event is the start of a tradition, to grow in scope and influence over time.

Purchase tickets now.


SATURDAY MAY 22 11:00am to 1:00pm, Rain or Shine: at the Merchant’s Gate, 41½ 2nd Avenue (just above 2nd Street) by Nova Kim and Les Hook of Fairlee, Vt.  Expected: Amaranth Tips; Angelica (hi brites and tubes); Cattail Hearts; Curly Dock; Evening Primose crowns; Wild Leeks (Ramps); Oxeye Daisy Greens; Daylily Tubers & Shoots; Wild Red Asparagus; Wintergreen Lvs & Berries; Sweet Fern; Virginia Waterleaf Greens (Shawnee Salad); Self-Heal; Pepperwort Lvs & Root; Stinging Nettle Tips; Wood Nettle Tips; Wild Ginger Root; Wild Chervil Tips; Wild Watermint Tips; Wild Spearmint Tips; Wild Watercress; Wild Jerusalem Artichokes. ALSO MUSHROOMS: Morels & Pheasant’s Back, possibly others.  All of highest quality.  Admission: $5 cash donation (no charge for ticket holders).


(Fête Champêtre)

SATURDAY MAY 22 2:00pm to 6:00pm (Rain Date Sunday May 23): Upon the Grass Garden (Hortus Gramineus) of the Marble Cemetery, 41½ 2nd Ave (just above 2nd Street).  Pavilions will include:

No. 1: Refreshing iced Tisanes, chamomile and mint.  Prepared by McEnroe Farm of Millerton, Dutchess County, New York. 

No. 3:  House Cured Ham and Butter Sandwiches.   Prepared by Marlow and Daughters of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 

No. 6: Mercantile Paper-Works.  Hand-fabricated by Robert Warner of Greenwich Village, New York.

No. 7: Kombucha, infused with wild Sweet Fern.  Made by Kombucha Brooklyn, Brooklyn, New York.

. . . and more from Chef Darren Pettigrew; Chef Alejandro Alcocer; Saxelby Cheesemongers; Mother-in-Law’s Kimchi; Jimmy’s No. 43 and DBA, representing the Good Beer Seal of New York; Premium Wines; The Bent Spoon of Princeton, New Jersey; & Debra Delaney of the Society of Scribes.


A TOAST to the City of Merchants will be offered at 3:00pm.


On Saturday May 22 we will also launch our celebrated online auction of unique experiential items donated by New Amsterdam Market purveyors and supporters.  More details coming next week.

We thank you for your support.  Admission is limited:  Purchase tickets now.

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