Coffee Talk- Carolyn Grossman, September 9th


Monday, September 9, 2013

8:30 am

The Department of City Planning’s mission is to promote strategic growth, transit-oriented development and sustainable communities, in part by initiating comprehensive, consensus-based planning and zoning changes for individual neighborhoods and business districts, as well as establishing policies and zoning regulations applicable citywide.  It supports the City Planning Commission and each year reviews more than 500 land use applications for actions such as zoning changes and disposition of City property.

A major initiative of the Bloomberg administration has been a vigorous examination and revisiting of New York City’s physical plan.  Much of this work has been carried out by the Department of City Planning and the City Planning Commission.  Both agencies are under the leadership of Amanda Burden and in the past 12 years, they have changed the underlying plans for more than a third of New York’s City’s neighborhoods and properties.

Carolyn Grossman, Director of Governmental Affairs, will speak about the many facets of the Department’s work, including a discussion of what zoning is, how the process works, and how the Department uses it to achieve changes in the city’s built character.  This discussion will include a variety of case studies involving zoning and other initiatives in recent years.  Ms. Grossman will address attendees’ questions on a range of topics, so come prepared to engage in a discussion centered on your inquiries and concerns.

These events are FREE, but reservations are required.  For more information on this series or to RSVPplease contact Barbara Zay at [email protected] or 212-614-9107.

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