Designation won't stop Development in DUMBO

in recognition of the Brooklyn Eagle’s admonition that it’s not polite to post the whole story….here’s an excerpt from:

Brooklyn Broadside: Landmark Designation Won’t Halt Development in DUMBO
by Dennis Holt ([email protected]), published online 07-31-2007

By Dennis Holt, Brooklyn Daily Eagle

BROOKLYN — Last week, the New York Sun, usually not prone to making glaring questionable leads in its stories, did just that, as follows:

“After several uninterrupted years of stratospheric growth, the city could move toward restricting future development in the Brooklyn neighborhood of DUMBO.”

One had to read on as to what disaster has transpired. Have the Walentases moved to Hoboken? Have the heirs of Messrs. Sweeney and Gair emerged from somewhere to claim all their properties? Does American Stevedoring want to build a containerport there?

The false alarm and absurd hyperbole are based on the fact, long desired, that the Landmarks Preservation Commission will calendar, probably on September 18, the application to make a large part of DUMBO one of the city’s historic districts.

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