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Preservation School- Spring 2020

The Historic Districts Council is pleased to present a series of classes that will illuminate the process of proposing a historic district on either the state or local level. This series is ideally suited to civic organizations, community board members, grassroots preservationists and anyone interested in how to preserve neighborhood character. In addition to the overall theme, the classes will provide you with general knowledge and vocabulary about historic preservation practice in New York City.

All classes will take place virtually on Zoom and will be available on the HDC YouTube channel and website

All classes are free

Building Materials: Tuesday, May 12, 6pm 

The buildings of New York City are constructed using a wide variety of materials: terra-cotta, brick, brownstone, concrete and much more. Join Dan Allen, preservation architect, to learn how these materials are employed, how to identify them, and “scratch the surface” on their maintenance and conservation.

Instructor: Dan Allen

Preservation 101: Thursday, May 14th, 6pm

This introductory course will provide an overview of the various regulations and funding mechanisms that exist to protect historic buildings in NYC. The course will also outline the various organizations and entities that work to uphold and strengthen these mechanisms. 

Instructor: Simeon Bankoff

How to Research NYC Buildings: Cultural Significance: Wednesday, May 20th, 6pm 

This course delves into tools and strategies for researching buildings in NYC, including various repositories and document types. Learn the basics of how to investigate the origins and stories behind historic properties. This course will focuses on resources for determining a building’s cultural, as well as architectural, significance.

Instructor: Sarah Apmann

Reading Architectural Drawings: Thursday, June 4, 6pm

Architectural drawings and renderings illustrate the often complicated design and construction plans for proposed building projects. This class will teach participants how to evaluate such documents in order to understand and analyze an upcoming construction project.

Instructor: Brendan Coburn

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