Governor Endorses Crackdown on Abusive Architects

Spitzer Signs Bill To Crack Down On Submission of Fraudulent Building Plans to the City

Governor Spitzer has signed into law Assembly Bill #7746 – an important component of Assemblymember Jim Brennan’s legislative package to improve regulation of construction and development – giving the Department of Buildings Commissioner the authority to refuse to accept plans from architects and engineers who have been found to have knowingly submitted false or inaccurate plans to the DOB in the past.

This “self-certification” bill, endorsed by the City and supported by many community boards and civic groups, empowers the Department of Buildings (DOB) to crack down on architects and engineers who abuse the professional certification system at the DOB.

Professional certification was designed to streamline the plan-permitting process at the DOB. But with the building boom in New York City, and the profits to be made, some professionals have abused the system to flout the Zoning Resolution and Building Code.

Brennan said, “This law gives DOB the tools to get tough with professionals who, frequently in league with developers, take advantage of the system and flout the law. It is hoped the new law will act as a powerful deterrent to illegal conduct.”

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