Greenwood Heights Construction Update

From Aaron Brashear, Concerned Citizens of Greenwood Hts.

614 7th Ave (aka the Minerva Building): full rescind of the BSA stopping SWO from Nov. 2005. While we’ll be glad to see the garbage and mosquito pit go in lieu of new housing, we are wary of our friends on the corner. After filing the original and silly 11 buildings on a 100X100 lot, they have opted for a more sedate 5 buildings (3 stories, 40′ high) one on 23rd St, 4 on 7th Ave. While more reasonable, there’s that huge clean-up and that darn Battle Hill blocking view thingy on the corner. Since the cap is more like 30′-ish to save the view, at 40′ on the corner, we all (and Green-Wood Cemetery perhaps) may be having more words for our forlorn development team.

In tandem, though illegal, 338-342 22nd St. has started up again…against their long standing SWO. Seems Veteran’s Day was perfect time for illegal activity as the boys were there all day moving a huge back-hoe around, a truck or two and a few workers. DOB was e-mailed, as was 311. We shall see. A coincidence the development group’s the same for this site and 614 7th Ave? Not to us. Connection or not, continued illegal work on this site (sorry, no YouTube today) is an ominous sign of the worst to come.

And finally, our bad-site of the month, 300 20th St. (site of the cracking K&H Deli and sliding back yards caught by DOB and shut down) seems to be done with remediation and awaiting their lift of the SWO, once they pay it and make amends. Hopefully these bozos have learned from their dangerous start and will move forward in a more safe and lawful manner…or not. Sorry to sound cynical.

And finally, most fun of last week…to be told by a contractor a door or so down (no not 312 23rd St, that’s for the demo boys) that we had a flat on Thursday morn. Funny thing about that flat…it was a knife slash (confirmed by the folks at the tire shop and the 72nd Pct….I’m no expert, and shouldn’t be). Sending a message to Mic and I? Or a prank by some neighborhood kids? (problem with that is we were the only car, and not a flashy one at that, on the block with a love cut) You decide. Let’s just say the “gasoline bunch” at 716 6th Ave. have not been happy as of late. And of course, you all know how much everyone in the construction industry loves me! Kisses!

A nice way to show your love, no? If someone was REALLY trying to send a message, I guess it would have been worse. Chalk it up to a boss telling a day laborer to swing by 311 23rd St. for a trimming of our wheel on the way home…or not. Thanks to Bo for the fast change and a good source for a cheap replacement tire for our old Bessie of a 240 DL wagon.

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