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meet city council

The New York Times has reported (5/30/13) that real estate developers, big property owners, banks, insurance companies and investment firms have established a $10 million PAC in order to become aggressively involved in 2013 NY City Council elections to support and elect 21 candidates to further their “pro-development,” anti-neighborhood, anti-small business agenda.


 LANDMARK WEST! is hosting a unique “Meet the City Council Candidates” roundtable discussion which focuses exclusively on land use issues such as overdevelopment, historic preservation, parks and open space in District 6 (approx. from West 59th-96th Streets) here in the Upper West Side. There will be a brief introduction followed by an hour of your questions. Although we can’t match $10 million, we can raise turn out at the polls.

Please attend the meeting and send this along to five people, minimum. Ceremonial Hall has room for 150 people and we want to see it filled and make sure the candidates hear from you and your neighbors.

For more information, or if you any questions please contact:

Kelly Carroll

Director of Preservation

[email protected]

(212) 496-8110

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