Lecture: Restoring the Merchant's House Museum



16 August 2011    

Lecture: Restoring the Merchant’s House Museum  




GVSHP is proud to be co-sponsoring a program with our friends at the Merchant’s House Museum!

When: Tuesday, August 30- 6:30 P.M. 

Where: Hudson Park Branch Library, 66 Leroy Street (off 7th Avenue South) 

Cost: free; reservations required 

RSVP: education@merchantshouse.org or 212-777-1089   


Photo courtesy of Diana Hubert

The Merchant’s House Museum presents an update on its current $600,000 structural restoration (with gratitude to City Councilmember Rosie Mendez).  Architectural conservator Mikel Travisano of New York City’s Historic House Trust has been monitoring the project and will relate details about the work on the Museum’s 1832 Landmark building, as well as other historic properties around the City.  


About the Merchant’s House Museum 

Celebrating 75 Years as a Museum, 1936-2011

The Merchant’s House Museum is New York City’s only family home preserved intact – inside and out – from the mid-19th century.  Home to a prosperous merchant-class family for almost 100 years, it is complete with the family’s original furnishings and personal possessions, offering a rare and intimate glimpse of domestic life from 1835-1865.

About the Historic House Trust 

The Historic House Trust of New York City, Inc. preserves and maintains 23 historic houses located in city parks throughout New York City, working with the organizations that oversee each of the houses to restore, interpret, and promote the historic landmarks; to educate residents and visitors about the social, economic, and political history of New York City; and to enhance the vitality of the surrounding communities.


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