NEWS: Lake Windsor vested by BSA

From Mic Holwin [email protected]

Last Tuesday, August 22, the Board of Standards and Appeals vested 1638 Eighth Ave., aka “Lake Windsor,” on substantial completion of foundation.

I had wanted to offer an explanation to everyone, hence my not writing sooner. However, even after almost a week of mulling, I cannot. We had expected this property to vest through a hardship appeal, which was also filed by the developer as with 400 15th St. and 639 6th Ave. Both of those properties were not found to have substantially complete foundations, but the BSA determined that substantial financial hardship would be incurred by the developers should they not be allowed to continue building under old R6 zoning.

The attorney representing all three properties, Ms. Deidre Carson of Greenberg Traurig, in fact cited 400 and 639 in all her submissions for 1638 as precedence for the granting of common law vesting of 1638 Eighth Ave. We therefore thought for sure the property would be granted common law vesting.

Until we read the BSA’s actual resolution on this property, which we hope to get soon, we’re at a loss.

But thought y’all should know the not-great news (if you haven’t heard it already) before even more time passes.

Six down with one win, one to go (614 7th on Sept 12).

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