NEWS: News Roundup from East Village & PS 64

From East Village Community Coalition

Dear Friends and Neighbors,
We want you to know that the Municipal Arts Society and City Lore recently highlighted old PS 64, the former Charas for
its Landmark presence on the Lower East Side as the “Place that Matters of the Week.”

You can read this feature at:

The Municipal Arts Society has attached a link at the bottom
of this web page, for you to be able to read their Landmark Designation testimony for old PS 64, former Charas to the Landmark Preservation Commission this past summer.

For the wonderful Place Matters website, go to:

Enter PS 64 in the search, read what others have written about our Landmark, this historically, socially and architecturally significant building, and POST YOUR OWN comments….

A blog picked up this story, which you can read at:

The current owner of old PS 64, former Charas, has brought an additional lawsuit against the City, now challenging the
Landmark designation of the building.

The current owner has apparently stripped detail from the top of the north side of the building, facing East 10th Street, then stopped.

“The Villager,” in response to our inquiry, has told us that a spokesperson for the current owner has recently said, “At the present time, no additional facade work will proceed as we seek to resolve the outstanding development issues with the ity.”

In other news, East 9th Street between Avenues B & C has been co-named in memory of Armando Perez! Old PS 64, former Charas is located on Armando Perez Place in New York City.

Our Get Local! campaign is about to meet the Holiday Season – the Get Local! shopping guide to the East Village is about to be published.

MORE SOON – particularly on zoning… Thank you.

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