NEWS: Press Roundup on 980 Madison Avenue Hearing

None of these articles really recreates the experience of a four-hour public hearing, though they’re all worth a look. In brief, about 50 people spoke – 30 against & 20 for. The proponents were excited by the architecture &/or the promise of bringing life & culture to Madison Avenue. The opponents were horrfied by the precendent of plunking a giant tower that violates the zoning and all notion of context on top of a low-rise landmark building. The LPC is keeping the record open for 14 days – please email them at [email protected] and let them know your views.

Madison Avenue: Visionary or Invasive
Gothamist, NY

Pictures from the hearing + links to other stories.

At Meeting, Foster Tower Gets UES Sweater Sets in a Bunch
New York Magazine, USA

New York Post, NY

Norman Lauds East Side’s ‘Tradition of Radicalism’
New York Sun, NY

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