Secret Lives 2013: Four Seasons Restaurant


The Four Seasons Restaurant, the pool room

The Four Seasons Restaurant, the pool room

The Four Seasons Restaurant

99 East 52nd Street

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

     4:00 p.m. – 5:30p.m.

(includes complimentary cocktail)

The exclusive Secret Lives Tours highlight some of the most original and rarely-seen spaces in New York. The series takes attendees inside unique and spectacular spaces in the city, both big and small, to learn about their purpose, history and the preservation practices that go into of these areas.  Join HDC along with architect, Belmont Freeman of Belmont Freeman Architects, for a tour and in-depth discussion of the ongoing restoration of the Four Seasons restaurant.  The tour will conclude with a complimentary cocktail in the famed Grill Room.

 The Four Seasons restaurant opened on July 29, 1959 to universal acclaim.  Designed by Philip Johnson in consummate high modernist style, it occupies the monumental commercial space at the base of the Seagram Building, by Mies van der Rohe (with Philip Johnson as collaborating design architect and Kahn and Jacobs, associate architects), completed a year earlier.  The design of the restaurant was a collaborative process between Phillip Johnson (architect and lead designer); William Pahlman (interior designer) along with several other professionals renowned for their knowledge on the art of aesthetics.  Another notable feature of the restaurant is the corridor that connects the Grill Room and the Pool Room.  The inspiration and design of this space was built around the theatre curtain painted by Pablo Picasso for the ballet, “Le Tricorne”, which has adorned the wall of the Four Seasons restaurant since 1959.  As part of the Secret Lives tour we will also view the intricately designed ceiling installation, a site-specific piece commissioned from the sculptor Richard Lippold. The Four Seasons is a rare, successful, and remarkably intact example of an architectural interior conceived as a unified and total work of art.  Join HDC for this exclusive Secret Lives event to gain a deeper look, understanding and appreciation of the historical context of this space as well as the future plans of the interior landmark.

$100 for Friends of HDC, $125 for general public

Price includes a complimentary cocktail.



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