See the Ridgewood Reservior in its current state – and help save its future

The Newtown Historical Society (NHS) will be leading a walk at the Ridgewood Reservoir on the Brooklyn-Queens border this Sunday, October 28th at 1pm.

Here is a short video on the history of the reservoir, it’s current state, and what we hope it will become in the near future:

The Ridgewood Reservoir Education and Preservation Project, a committee of the NHS, is dedicated to educating the public about this little-known spot and convincing the Parks Department, who owns the site, to keep it in as natural a state as possible while restoring some of the historic features of the reservoir, such as its 2 pump houses and the cast iron fences that line surround each basin and date to the Victorian era. The Parks Department is considering clearcutting 22 acres of forest in basin #3 of the reservoir in order to “improve” it with asphalt and artificial turf ballfields for active recreation. This despite the fact that the rest of the park has these amenities which have not been maintained over the years by Parks, and in conflict with its million trees initiative.

All those interested are welcome to attend. Council Members Avella and Addabbo are expected to join us. To get to the parking lot, take the Jackie Robinson Parkway from either direction to Exit 2, Vermont Place, and follow signs to Highland Park. The lot will be on your right side. Refreshments will be provided.

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