Committee to Save the Bay Ridge United Methodist Church Established

Kathleen Walker
[email protected]

Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, New York, April 17, 2007. – The Committee to Save the Bay Ridge United Methodist Church was established this week by concerned residents determined to keep this local landmark from being demolished. Meetings in recent weeks, between community and church leaders, reached a stalemate with the congregation indicating its intention to move ahead with plans to sell the property. The anticipated buyer is likely to be a developer who would destroy this distinctive edifice with its unique stone, clock tower and stained glass windows.

The committee’s goal is to find alternatives which meet the congregation’s needs while saving the building. While the façade is in need of significant repair, the committee is determined to find a long-term solution to address restoration without further contribution from the congregation, allowing them to continue their mission unimpeded. “This can be a win-win situation for everyone,” said Eric Rouda of the Senator Street Historic District, “Once the building is lost, it can never be replaced.”

Designed in 1899 by George Kramer, this structure blends Classic, Gothic and Romanesque architectural elements in an intricate, harmonious composition. Its greenish-hued Serpentine stone forms a distinct part of the church’s commanding presence in our community, leading to its local nickname, “the Green Church.” For over 100 years, a crypt containing the remains of 210 early church members has graced the imposing grounds in memory of their efforts to erect this impressive house of worship.

The beauty, architecture and historic significance of this building was eloquently touted in the congregation’s own application for listing on the National Register of Historic Places in 1999. Furthermore, in 2003 the congregation came to the Bay Ridge community to have their corner renamed the “Bay Ridge United Methodist Church Corner.”

A meeting is planned for Tuesday, April 24th at 220 Ovington Avenue at 7 p.m. The purpose is to garner ideas & support from the community at large. All are welcome. For more information, contact Kathleen Walker at 917-971-8387 or email [email protected].

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