Domino: Concert Draws 850+

From The Gowanus Louge:

The Don’t Demo Domino Concert in Grand Ferry Park in Williamsburg sponsored by the Waterfront Preservation Alliance of Greenpoint and Williamsburg drew hundreds of people yesterday, despite on-and-off rain that increased as the afternoon went on. Hundreds of signatures were collected on petitions calling for the landmarking of the buildings on Kent Avenue.

Could the stars be aligning to save several of the historic buildings of the Domino Sugar Refinery in Williamsburg? Yes. And, no. On the “yes” side, NY1 reported on Sunday that Community Preservation Corporation Resources, which will develop the property with controversial developer Isaac Katan, supports the landmark designation of “the historic refinery building.” On the “no” side, preservations are looking for a broader designation, including a 1883 building on Kent Avenue adjacent to Williamsburg Bridge known as the Adant House that is much admired by fans of historic industrial architecture. (That is the building pictured above. It is currently not slated for landmarking.) The developer is likely to see rezoning for the site that would allow the development of up to 2,000 units of housing on the site.Those familiar with plans being prepared for the site by CPC and Mr. Katan say that it will include numerous highrises.

Based on what GL has heard, the new plan is likely to leave a variety of interests both satisfied and disappointed. Affordable housing advocates may want to see more affordable housing. Preservationists will seek to protect additional structures. Opponents of waterfront highrises will be faced with a number of 30-40 story waterfront towers. Renderings are said to be coming.

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