Gentrification and Rezoning in Greenpoint & Williamsburg

From The New York Community Council
217 N 7th Street
Brooklyn NY 11211
For More Information: Philip DePaolo, President [email protected]

You are about to read a report that was done by the Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy At Rutgers University. The Report was conducted at the request of The New York Community Council. The report documents the use of rezoning in Williamsburg Greenpoint to attempt to remedy the serious housing crisis that confronts so many low income residents of our City. Unfortunately, affordable housing for low income people has been unreachable. Additionally, in many regions of the City, the high cost of housing is a barrier to economic development. We looked at the City’s new zoning policies that have been used in the May 2005 Rezoning of Williamsburg and Greenpoint. I believe this report will raise many new questions and answer some old ones. I have enjoyed working with the Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy because of the passion of the University and the accuracy of its report. I would also like to thank Assistant Professor of Urban Planning and Policy Development Kathe Newman, Ph.D. Who has been an inspirational leader and mentor to so many future planners. As President of the New York Community Council, I look forward to continuing the collaboration with the Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy and other groups so that we can begin to put in place the public policies and corrections that are called for to preserve affordable communities throughout our city.

Download The Report
The report is hosted on both The New York Community Council website and onNYTurf is hosting a copy of the PDF which is 18MB in size to take some of the load off The New York Community Council website.

A review of the report can be viewed here

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