Isham Park Centennial Events

Calendar of Isham Park Centennial lectures/walking tours for June 2012 Art Stroll:

Saturday June 2nd: 10:00am, meet at Dyckman Farmhouse Museum at the corner of Broadway at 204th Street
Preservation and losses: Historic Inwood residences along Broadway

Susan de Vries, Director of DFM will discuss its preservation history; then Pat Courtney, from Volunteers for Isham Park, and Cole Thompson, co-organizer of “Lost Inwood” and author of will serve as guides leading the tour to Isham Park, passing through the entrance gate and by the historic Ginkgo tree, up to the site of the former Isham residence to hear about its history, the history of William H. Hurst House, and the now lost Seaman Drake mansion, finishing up at the Seaman Drake Estate Entrance Arch on Broadway.


Saturday June 9th: 10:00am, meet at the Inwood Hill Nature Center, West 218th Street
peninsula in Inwood Hill Park
Shorakapok: Native Americans of Northern Manhattan

Northern Manhattan has a vibrant history of the Nativespeoples of this land. The Urban Park Rangers along with Harlan Pruden, a member of the Cree Nation, will lead am interactive lecture and walk on the Lenape and other Native Peoples of Northern Manhattan as they also explore the Indian rock shelters and Inwood Hill and Isham Parks.

Saturday June 16th, 1:00pm meet at Inwood Hill Nature Center:
Where’s the Water? Inwood’s Springs and Wells of Yesteryear (and what became of them)
Don Rice co-organizer of “Lost Inwood” will expand his presentation at the Indian Road Café earlier this year: “Running water wasn’t available to Inwood residents until the later part of the 1800s. Before it became possible to simply turn on a faucet, how did people get fresh water to drink and use? The answer: a network of springs and wells which were spring-kled throughout northern Manhattan. We’ll use our virtual dowsing rods to trace their story. Where were Inwood’s springs and wells of yesteryear? Are any still around today?”

Sunday June 24th, 1:00pm meet at Inwood Hill Nature Center:
Art Deco/ WPA design in Isham and Inwood Hill Parks

A slide lecture ending in a walking tour with Pat Courtney. Take a look at the Art Deco/WPA era design and structures in both parks. Learn of the designers discovered during the process of the study for potential historic districts in Inwood which was selected in 2011 as one of the inaugural “Six to Celebrate” communities by the Historic Districts Council.

Sunday June 30th, at 1:00pm at the Isham memorial terrace in Isham Park, above Broadway, enter the park at the stone gate across from West 212th and up the sloped path or stairs by the Ginkgo tree to the terrace (follow signs). In case of rain, meet at the Inwood Hill Park Nature Center:
Julia Isham Taylor, birthday celebration (JITs actual birth date: June 28, 1866) Come help to celebrate the birthday of the woman who initiated the gift of Isham Park in 1911-12.

To view PDF click here: Isham Park Centennial lectures for the Art Stroll

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