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City taps Sunnyside Gardens
New York Daily News

The city’s Landmarks Preservation Commission voted unanimously last week to designate the 16-block, 54-acre Sunnyside Gardens as a historic district.

Housing vs. preservation for Domino Sugar plant
New York Daily News

A huge red sign on the Williamsburg waterfront reads “SAVE DOMINO” – and symbolizes the high-profile fight over the future of the former sugar factory.

Some parts of the Domino Sugar plant, shuttered for three years, are likely to be preserved. But at a city Landmarks Preservation Commission hearing last week, arguments still raged over the right balance between preservation and housing.

Both affordable housing advocates and the developer called on the commission to limit landmarking to just a central portion of the plant – made up of three structures that date back to 1882.

But preservationists would like to save newer buildings as well.

Built during the Depression, swimming center is architectural feat
New York Daily News

In an unanimous vote last week, the city Landmarks Preservation Commission designated the Depression-era, 925000-gallon swimming pool a city landmark.

The commission slathered praise on “one of New York’s greatest architectural feats of the Depression era” with praise for its “soaring, arched gateway,” “decorative brickwork” and “streamlined curvilinear forms.”

“Crotona’s upper courtyard has the feeling of a Spanish or French castle,” said Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe, who celebrated opening day for the public pools Friday by diving into the Van Cortlandt pool. “What’s important specifically about the architecture is how it makes users feel important,” he said. “You live in the South Bronx but you get to swim in this palace.”

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