Parks Meeting with Community Board on Cedar Grove Beach Club

11/17/11 7:00PM

Staten Island Community Board 2
Sea View Hospital
Lou Caravone Community Service Building,
460 Brielle Avenue,

Parks will use CB#2 to follow up on their last Public Hearing on the Rehabilitation of Cedar Grove Beach.

From Eleanor Dugan, former tenant at Cedar Grove (and HDC Grassroots Award winner):

“There is of course NO Preservation of the Historical District. Their answer is to destroy more Staten Island History and give us another beach. They have been told repeatedly by the State Historic Preservation Office to come up with a better way to preserve a piece of history but NYC Parks marches to only their tune and damn the rest of the world. Eileen will not have to worry about her cottage being used as a bathroom, no – #18 will be torn down and instead mine will be the latrine. Guess I pissed someone off. Cottages #1, 4, 7, 9A, 71, the Clubhouse and the barn will be spared under the present plan. Now the big question is – Where are they going to get the money to demolish all our asbestos-laden cottages?”


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