District Lines

“The Historic Districts Council’s newsletter, District Lines, was published regularly since 1987 to 2009 and resumed in 2014. District Lines covers contemporary preservation issues throughout New York City, as well as giving special care to highlight broader issues of preservation that have an impact on public policy.”

p.1~ A Letter to Mayor Bill de Blasio from Leo Blackman p.4~ Lola Finkelstein on East Midtown Rezoning  p.6~ Preservation Platform of The Historic Districts Council p.7~ Commemorating Teri Slater

p. 1~Preservation Under Attack! The Citizens and City Hall: A New Day? p.2~ Nothing Worth Saving In Midtown Manhattan- Really?  p.4~ The Garment District: Unique and Unprotected Skyscraper Factories p.5~ “Value(s)” In An Historic District: A Developer’s Perspective p.6~ Preservation Platform of The Historic Districts Council

p.1 ~ Saving the Embodiment of Hope:Rev. Dr. Thomas F. Pike, Our 2009 Landmarks Lion p.2 ~ President’s Column: Educating the Regulators p.3 ~ New Directors and Advisers Join the Historic Districts Council Boards p. 4 ~ Staten Island’s Forgotten Castle: Who Will Save the Frost Building? p.4 ~ “HDC@LPC” Documents Our Review of Landmarks Application p.5 ~ “Hey, Mr. Mayor!” A Few Humble Suggestions p.6 ~ Recent Gifts and Grants

p. 1 ~ “Endangered” South Street Seaport Makes Seven to Save p. 2 ~ Pursuing and Owner for Demolition by Neglect: A Torturous Legal Process p. 4 ~ 10 Steps to Mull: Visions of the Future p. 5 ~ Moving Forward: HDC’s League of Preservation Voters p. 7 ~ Mayoral Candidates on Preservation p. 8 ~ 2009 Grassroots Awards p. 10 ~ Recent Gifts and Grants

p. 1 ~ Civic Engagement and Neighborhood Preservation Intersect at Annual Conference p. 2 ~ Commissioner Fred Bland: New Voice on the Landmarks Panel p. 2 ~ 2008 Landmarks Lion: Walter B. Melvin p. 3 ~ More Protection Sought for Four Small Historic Districts in the South Bronx s p. 3 ~ The Silver Lining: Tax Incentives for Historic Properties p. 4 ~ Upper East Siders Seek Expansion of Designated Areas p. 6 ~ The League of Preservation Voters: Connecting Politics and Preservation p. 8 ~ In the Pantheon of Preservation, Some Heroes for the Ages p. 10 ~ Recent Gifts and Grants p. 11 ~ Working on Landmarked Buildings in New York City: Renovation, Restoration and Reuse

p. 1 ~ New Initiative Makes Preservation Hot Election Topic p. 1 ~ Walter B. Melvin, HDC’s 2008 Landmark Lion p. 2 ~ HDC Helps Resolve an Historic Challenge: Who is to Save Admiral’s Row? p. 3 ~Mitigation: Sometimes That’s All There Is p. 5 ~ What Future for Landmarks Funding? p. 6 ~ The Registers and the Requests for Evaluation: HDC Begins New Survey Projects p. 8 ~ Eyewitness Accounts: Neighborhood Partners Talk About How They Got Their Communities Designated p. 10 ~ Recent Gifts and Grants

P. 1 ~ HDC Annual Conference Eyes Preservation’s Role in the Future of New York City p. 1 ~ Cleaner, Greener, Fewer Landmarks p.2 ~ When “Calendar” Is a Verb p. 2 ~ HDC Turns the Spotlight on “Neighborhoods At Risk” p. 3 ~ Addisleigh Park: Uncovering African-American History in Southeast Queens P. 4 ~ A Preservation Manifest: Tony Wood on His New Book p. 5 ~ HDC Auction Highlights Little-Known Modernist Masterwork p. 7 ~ HDC Celebrates Lisa Ackerman as Our 19th Landmarks Lion p. 8 ~ President’s Column p. 10 ~ Recent Gifts and Grants

p.1 ~ You Can Ignore the Landmarks Law but Not the Law of Gravity p.2 ~ President’s Column p.4 ~ Preservation’s “Quiet Force,” Lisa Ackerman, Is HDC’s 2007 Landmarks Lion p.5 ~ New Commissioners Join the LPC Table p.6 ~ HDC Honors Local Grassroots Advocates at 17th Annual Event p.7 ~ Kitty Carlisle Hart and Giorgio Cavaglieri Die, Both in Their 90’s p.8 ~ District Profile: Vinegar Hill Historic District, Brooklynp.11 ~ Recent Gifts and Grants

p.1 ~ Sunnyside Up! Queens Community Is on LPC’s Front Burner at Last p.2 ~ President’s Column p.3~ HDC Inaugurates Program to Educate Electeds Before They Take Office p.4 ~ Heard and, Maybe, Designated Later p.6 ~ HDC’s 13th Annual Conference: For a Green Future, Plant Preservation p.7 ~ Preservation is Sustainability: Keynote Address by Donovan Rypkema p.8 ~ District Profiles: South Street Seaport Historic District, Manhattan p.11 ~ Recent Gifts and Grants

p.1 ~ Towers Atop 980 Madison Avenue… I. Public Hearing p.3 ~ …Implications… II. District Integrity III. Manipulating 74-711 p.4 ~ Updated “Creating an Historic District” Is Now Available p.5 ~ President’s Column p.6 ~ New Yorkers Mourn Death of 2 Leading Preservationists p.7 ~ Robert Silman Recieves HDC’s Highest Honor p.7 ~ HDC Adds Five New Advisers p.9 ~ District Profiles-Weehawken Street Historic District, Manhattan p.10 ~ Recent Gifts and Grants

p.1 ~ Robert Silman Upholds Landmarks Literally- Structural Engineer Is Named Landmarks Lion p.3 ~President’s Column p.3 ~ Medical Sites of Yore: Two Talks and a Tour p.4 ~ A Pair of Century-Old Schools With Vastly Different Fates-P.S. 64 and Morris High School p.6 ~ Albany Passes Tax Credits for Owners of Historic Houses and Buildings p.8 ~ Signs of the Times: Streetscape Controls Are Changing Them p.10 ~ Two New Players on the Landmarks Stage p.11 ~ Recent Gifts and Grants

p.1 ~ Lost: A Sense of Place p.2 ~ President’s Column p.2 ~ HDC Conference Tackles Major Issues p.5 ~Doomsday Closes In On Houses of Worship p.6 ~ Is Moynihan’s Dream of a New Pennsylvania Station Beginning to Turn into a Civic Nightmare? p.8 ~ Extensive Rezoning by Bloomberg Administration Changes Shape of City Neighborhoods p.10 ~ District Profiles: West 71st Street Historic District, Manhattan p.11 ~ Recent Gifts and Grants

p.1 ~ Friendless in Queens and Brooklyn-City Council Nixes Two LPC Picks p.2 ~ President’s Column p.3 ~ Eminent Domain: High Court Decision Makes Everybody Scramble p.5 ~ Five New Advisers Join HDC’s Board p.6 ~ Preservation Strategies: Landmarking Is Only One Answer p.6 ~ HDC to Lead Talks on Preservation Locally p.7 ~ Manhattan’s West 72nd Street: Tale of an Urban Main Street p.8 ~ District Profiles: Fort Totten Historic District, Queens p.10 ~ Barry Lewis, Lion p.11 ~ Recent Gifts and Grants

p.1 ~ Landmarks Lion Award Goes to Gotham’s Ultimate Pedestrian, Public Television Star Barry Lewisp.2 ~ President’s Column p.3 ~ Like Everybody Else, Museums Face Scrutiny for Appropriateness in Alteration Designs p.4 ~ Fireboat Cruise p.7 ~ A Tale of Two Warehouses p.10 ~ Preservationists at the Grassroots Take a Bow at HDC p.9 ~ District Profiles: St. Paul’s Avenue-Stapleton Heights Historic District, Staten Island p.10 ~ Recent Gifts and Grants 

p.1 ~ To Make a Case for Landmarks Hardhsip is Not So Easy p.2 ~ President’s Column p.3 ~ District Profiles: Treadwell Farm Historic District, Manhattan p.4 ~ 11th Annual HDC Preservation Confab p.7 ~Historic Preservation: The Mayor’s Report Card p.10 ~ Recent Gifts and Grants

p.1 ~ Survival of the Fittest-90 West Street Since 9/11 p.2 ~ President’s Column p.3 ~ Byrnes Joins LPC; Olcott Returns, Replacing Kane p.4 ~ 2004 Landmarks Lion Award Presented to Beyer Blinder Belle p.6 ~City Council Leads in Land-Use Reform p.6 ~ Stop Landmarks Abuse! p.6 ~ Citywide Panel Discussions Held p.7 ~ New Books About Old New York p.11 ~ Recent Gifts and Grants

p.1 ~ Preservation Facade Easements-Tax Benefit or Headache? p.2 ~ President’s Column p.3 ~ Libby Ryan Named LPC Commissioner p.4 ~ A Critical Look at New Construction in Historic Districts p.7 ~Architecture Firm Beyer Blinder Belle Rings in as Landmarks Lion p.7 ~ Save the Date p.8~District Profiles: MacDougal-Sullivan Gardens, Manhattan p.9 ~ John Street/Maiden Lane- A Brief History p.10 ~Recent Gifts and Grants 

p.1 ~ Substitute Materials – Faux or No? p.2 ~ President’s Column p.3 ~ Revisiting Boundaries of Too-Small Historic Districts p.5 ~ Can Planning and Preservation Mix? p.5 ~ New on Our Web Site p.6 ~ New Books about Old New York p.7 ~ Conference Summary p.7 ~ HDC Conference Explores Cultural Landmarking p.9 ~ District Profiles: Riverside-West 105th Street, Manhattan p.11 ~ Recent Gifts and Grants

p.1 ~ In the Shadow of 9/11: Planned Fulton Street Transit Center Threatens Historic Buildings p.2 ~President’s Column p.4 ~ City House Prices Rise in Districts p.4 ~ Staten Island’s Good Shepherd p.5 ~Grassroots Preservation Awards p.6 ~ Landmark Demolition, by Intent or Neglect p.7 ~ Explore Our Web Site p.8 ~ A Prime-Cut Designation: The Meaty Story of Gansevoort Market p.10 ~ District Profiles: Prospect-Lefferts Gardens, Brooklyn p.11 ~ Recent Gifts and Grants

p.1 ~ Landmark Demolition by Intent or Neglect p.2 ~ President’s Column 
p.3 ~ 
Landmarks Commission Proposes Fees for Permits—Update p.4 ~ District Profiles: Charlton-King-Vandam Historic District p.5 ~ “Streams of Exotic, Devilish Creatures”—Herbert Muschamp’s Ideal Cityp.7 ~ Hart-felt Tribute: HDC to Lionize Kitty Carlisle p.8 ~ A Recent LPC Appointment p.9 ~ HDC Welcomes New Directors and Advisers p.10 ~ Latest Gifts and Grants

p.1 ~ Robert Tierney Takes the Chair at Landmarks p.2 ~ President’s Column 
p.3 ~ 
Olympics—Preservation Opportunity? p.4 ~ Daniel Patrick Moynihan (1927-2003), Preservationistp.5 ~ “Preserving the Suburban Metropolis p.7 ~ Conference Summary 
p.8 ~ 
HDC Hosts Panels in Neighborhoods p.8 ~ The Dream of Rehab Tax Credits 
p.9 ~
 New Books about Old New York p.10 ~ Mott Haven Historic District, the Bronx 
p.11 ~ 
Recent Gifts and Grants

p.1 ~ 2002—Year in Preservation p.2 ~ President’s Column p.2 ~ The Year in HDC 
p.6 ~ 
The City as Palimpsest p.7 ~ City Proposes Fees for Landmarks Permits
p.8 ~ 
New Books about Old New York

p.1 ~ Amster Yard Demolished p.2 ~ City Proposed Landmark Permit Fees 
p.3 ~ 
HDC Heads Downtown for Landmark Lion Celebration