Stop the Destruction of former CHARAS, old PS64


THURSDAY, June 7, 6:30 PM

9th Street & Avenue B (Armando Perez Place)

The First Department Appellate ruled on May 29th, 2007 that a private developer can construct a “dormitory” without a lease from a university – and be given a 90% size bonus! This decision leads to the conclusion that developers can build at their discretion, with the Department of Buildings limited to withholding a Certificate of Occupancy after construction. The City does not have the resources to police and regulate the use of buildings after construction. If issuing a Certificate of Occupancy is the moment to enforce zoning and building codes, why bother approving plans in advance of construction? Without proof of affiliation with a school, how can a building’s use as a dormitory be ensured? It cannot!

Let’s tell the City that our community opposes this decision and supports its appeal!

Sponsored by: City Councilmember ROSIE MENDEZ
GOLES, CODA, LESPMHA, Cooper Square MHA, EVCC, GVSHP, HDC, Rev Billy & Stop Shopping Choir

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