Brooklyn Carnegie Libraries

Carnegie Library Booklet-cover

•Arlington Branch- Photos of the Arlington Branch

• Bedford Branch LibraryPhotos of the Bedford Branch

•Brownsville BranchPhotos of the Brownsville Branch

Bushwick BranchPhotos of the Bushswick Branch

• DeKalb Branch LibraryPhotos of the DeKalb Branch

Eastern Parkway BranchPhotos of the Eastern Parkway Branch

Fort Hamilton Photos of the Fort Hamilton Branch

Flatbush BranchPhotos of the Flatbush Branch

• Leonard Branch LibraryPhotos of the Leonard Branch

• Macon Branch LibraryPhotos of the Macon Branch

• Pacific Branch LibraryPhotos of the Pacific Branch

• Park Slope Branch LibraryPhotos of the Park Slope Branch

• Saratoga Branch LibraryPhotos of the Saratoga Branch 

 Stone Avenue Branch LibraryPhotos of the Stone Avenue Branch

 Walt Whitman Branch LibraryPhotos of the Walt Whitman Branch

• Washington Irving Branch LibraryPhotos of Washington Irving Branch 

• Williamsburgh Branch LibraryPhotos of the Williamsburgh Branch


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Campaign to Preserve the Carnegie Libraries-

Starting in 2009, HDC initiated a survey to document the existing Carnegie Libraries throughout New York City. We visited each branch, taking new detailed exterior and interior photographs, documenting existing and historic conditions and researching the rich history of each location. Now we need to raise $15,000 to complete this project and launch it into the public realm. Funding will be used to hire an architectural historian to conduct research necessary to complete the thematic National Register of Historic Places nomination for the Carnegie Libraries and finish photo documentation.

To read more about the campaign or to donate click here